"Livonians in Northern Kurzeme" book presentation in Riga


"Livonians in Northern Kurzeme" book presentation by Māra Zirnīte took place at 25th October in Riga Latvian Society House. Book includes memoirs of Northern Kurzeme fisherman villages inhabitants Emīlija Rulle, Irmgarde Matilde Cerbaha, Elfīda Virgīnija Žagare, Kārlis Dišlers, Alvīne Mūrniece and Paulīne Kļaviņa. Many of these narrators are no longer alive so could not be present. However, their relatives and friends were there to meet each other, give flowers to the author of the book and recieve the book with autograph. Other historians, specialists in literature and national library and publishing house employees from Latvia and foreign countries present were also very interested in this book.