narrow-gauge railway

Narrow-gauge railway path takes shape


In Slitere National Park there will be a new nature path – bikeway along the narrow-gauge railway track beginning at Mazirbe River leading to Ķikans River in Sikrags. The path is about 7km long. Information stands, pedestrian bridges over the small rivers and the path are made within the framework of Baltic Green Belt. Now it is possible to cross Mazirbe River and Ķikans River over newly finished pedestrian bridges. These rivers were crossed by narrow-gauge railway until 1963. Also both of the three-piece information stands are placed next to the path to inform about objects of interest in Slitere National Park and the history of narrow-gauge railway. Covering of the path as well as the indication stakes will be ready during this tourism season.

In Northern Courland the locomotive which transported passengers and craft by 600mm wide narrow-gauge railway trails since 1916 till 1963 was called “Mazbānītits”. It is the military heritage from World War I that made a substantial impact on everyday life of coastal fishermen villages – provided work places and link between settlements.