Lets discover the nature together!

We have always been attracted to the unknown. Traditionally humans wanted to be present at the most concealed natural processes. This possibility was originally given by films about nature, but animals there are mostly provoked, so we obtained a false sense of natural phenomena. Once, to observe the animals and birds, researchers had to sit long hours in uncomfortable hides in the rain and wind and frost. Now, the new technology offers opportunities to observe natural processes without leaving their homes. This is made possible by web and video cameras, which are installed at the observation site, allowing to obtain an undistorted information. Recently, this practice has reached the Baltic countries and Latvia; remember the projects at the black stork nests in Estonia and the opportunity to watch the lesser spotted eagle nesting here in Latvia. Since the beginning of January within the project of Baltic Green Belt it is possible to watch the landscape live from the lighthouse of Slitere. Second video camera will be installed in various locations, which are visited extensively by birds and other animals, allowing to look into SNP bird and mammal world. We will pick out the most interesting fragments so you will be able to watch this footage with enclosed comments of a researcher. Vigo Kangars, the researcher