Wild wolves at their prey


Wolves managed to hunt down one-eyed red deer. Its right eye had poured out and injury healed. We can only guess how the deer lost its eye. It is almost impossible to accidentally run onto some branch as deer eyes are protected by long tactile hair that wars animal about danger. A lot easier to injure an eye is while running with great speed through forest; however it may have happened because of splinter from a bullet. Anyway, it is a lot easier for wolves to hunt down one-eyed deer because its eyes are located on both sides of the head and so the deer is not able to react on the wolves attack from the blind side.
Wolves tear up the stomach and eat the hot bowel. That is how they get warm food. Wolf pack is not able to eat the whole deer at once so they may come back later. This time they smell presence of humans and that is why they are very careful. Male wolf is braver and dares to approach the game. Presence of ravens make wolves a bit calmer but at the same ravens are annoying and that is why wolves time to time try to catch them showing who’s the authority. Sometimes people call ravens “the wolf birds”, as they cooperate with wolves. When the birds have found something, they signalise to the wolves by flying around above the game and croaking. In their turn ravens react to howling. Ravens know that wolves will leave something for them too. Cranes that obviously are aware of the presence of these wolves do not seem to be bothered. Female wolf shows up. It has smaller head and slender muzzle. It is possible that the she-wolf is pregnant as it has round stomach. At the moment alpha couple lives separately from others and she-wolf decides where to make a den.