The Goshawk


Watch how Goshawk Accipiter gentilis feed on deer hunted down by wolf. It is dangerous to sit on the ground so hawk keeps looking around while ripping off pieces of meat.

Goshawk is common bird in Latvia however since the first half of 20th century the number has decreased. From 1901 till 1944 people could get money for each shot or caught Goshawk. It was considered ‘hazardous’ because it mostly feed on chickens

Ornithologists believe that the number has decreased because in the year 1990 large collective farms (kolkhoz) were liquidated. By the farms always gathered pigeons and other birds Goshawk feed on. There was at least one Goshawk on farm that lived near it. After farm liquidation Goshawk too had to find other feeding places, this is why they can be seen in cities hunting pigeons, crows and other birds.

For now in Latvia nest 2000-3000 pairs while 4000-5000 spend winter here.  The difference is because birds come to Latvia from north and east to spend winter.