Slitere Travelers' Days 2015

Slitere Travelers' Days this year has a food theme or

Knišels kož, zāl aug, pavārs vār, sanāk draug! 

Hikes, cycling routes, boating, workshops, tastings

on 6th and 7th of June, 2015

In Slitere National Park, Dundaga district

Afternoon activities centre "Ūši" in Kolka

with special guests - chefs from restaurant "Valters", Riga.

Only once a year - during Travelers' Days - you have the chance to discover Slitere surroundings and go to places where tourists usually are not allowed to enter, with the help of nature specialists! This year we are going to learn about food: what is best for our health, culinary heritage of the Livonians, what do the animals in forests and swamps eat and look at the food chain in nature. This is going to be revealed during hikes from 11 am (10 am) by  experts in each field:

  • Inita Dāniele from Latvian Museum of Natural History will reveal what do the mushrooms eat;
  • together with Jānis Šlūkis from Ķemeri National Park we will study who eats who in old pine forests along the Vecroči river;
  • swamp expert, Dr. biol. Līga Strazdiņa will show us who eats everything in swamps;
  • forests ecologist Dr. biol. Sandra Ikauniece will teach us to recognise the work of fire in the forest;
  • birds can be watched together with Gaidis Grandāns from Latvian Owl research and conservation centre;
  • Eaters and things to eat will be searched together with nature specialist Vilnis Skuja from Nature Conservation Agency on the side of the abrasion platform;
  • Hostess of household "Ūši" Dženeta Marinska will lead you through Kolka's fish farming history and offer sprats (fish) tasting;
  • nature guide Ina Brauna welcomes everyone to go on a hike over the backs of kangari (old dunes) and study the old great pine trees;
  • expert of Livonian culture Edgars Millers will lead you along the Livs' old paths.

There are going to be also two cycling routes - on Saturday in Kolka through the Livonian villages passing the old coast of now disappeared Dieviņezers (God's Lake) shore, on Sunday - around Dundaga village. Also boat rides are going to take place: to Kolka Lighthouse, along River Irbe and into the sea. Water-bicycles are going to be available too. Food tasting and workshops are going to be also in Mazirbe, in Livonian cultural house and in "Stūrīši" guest house, as well as at the Slītere Lighthouse yard. Most of the activities will take place around Kolka and Mazirbe villages, as well as in Šlītere, Sunday cycling route around Dundaga. Special guests of Travelers' Days: chefs from restaurant Valters in Riga showing new nature original recipes using local production and green recipes storyteller Līga Reitere from Ventspils. In early Saturday afternoon we meet at one of the oldest households in Kolka - "Ūši" where from 3 pm chefs from restaurant Valters start their show, from 6 pm Līga Reitere starts her storytelling, from 2 pm there is going to be a little market and from 6 pm - music performances. Evening hostess - Latvian National Theater actress Marija Bērziņa.

We invite everyone to take part in the events of these two wonderful days! After hiking and activities in the fresh spring air - GOOD APPETITE IS GUARANTEED!

More information can be found here:

If you arrive in Dundaga on 5th of June from 6pm there are lovely Church night events taking place in churches in Dundaga, Kolka and Mazirbe as well as in Kolka St. Virgin Star of the Sea Roman Catholic church.More information here:

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