Fox and White-tailed eagle


Male fox with injured arm is very fortunate to find dead red deer. And so is young White-tailed eagle that has landed near the corpse and slowly approaches it. White-tailed eagle is no threat for adult fox; however, this fox is injured so is careful concerning eagles behaviour. Raven is watching the situation while sitting on the deer’s antler, but as a quarreller by nature cannot do without cawing at the fox. At the same time the raven has to beware both of these predators. It is hard for the fox to tear the meat, but the hunger makes it overcome the pain and eat as fast as possible because it can be very dangerous to be exposed.


Fox at dawn


Once again snow has covered the ground. Everyone in Slitere forests take their place in everlasting food chain. Here we can see a deer killed by wolves that helps fox to survive. It feeds on this fallen animal at dawn. As the sun is raising and camera starts to film it seems that fox’s feast is over. There are only few shots in twilight. Birds will be next at the “dining table”.httpv://