Restoration of Dāvida meadow



Day after the Proclamation Day of the Republic of Latvia on 19th November to Slītere National Park from Daugavpils University and Latvia University came help. Together with nature inspectors of Nature Conservation Agency very special helpers - researchers and nature explorers, people who are ready to work not only at the desk but also in nature, helped to clean from bushes Dāvida meadow, which is located at the foot of the Slītere Blue Hills. To provide suitable conditions for rare insect species found only in Slītere necessary is not only varied forest, but also meadows. Dāvida meadow is named after pirate Dāvids, however the value is in its nature, especially insect species, diversity. The meadow is overgrowing with bushes as the times when this was a hay meadow is long gone. Remains of a hay shed still resemble those times.

Restoration of Dāvida meadow takes place already third time. The necessity to maintain this habitat is determined in SNP managament plant.