The animal of the year 2012 – Smooth snake – has been awaken


Last week in Slītere National Park the animal of the year 2012 – Smooth snake Coronella austriaca has been waken up. Here is the largest known deposit of this species in Latvia.

Within Bažu bog strictly protected territory on the southern slopes of kangari snakes come out to enjoy the warm sun. The snake decided to escape from the intrusive photographer in the tree. It quickly climbed up the pine tree few meters high. Seeing that it was clear that smooth snakes sometimes climb up the trees for small bird nests looking for game (large insects, chicks, eggs, rodent lairs, etc.) and obviously sometimes tree is the only place to run from chaser. It is known that Grass snake also is good tree climber. However, no one should worry about this, as the only poisonous snake, Viper, don’t climb trees.


Zoologist Vilnis Skuja

Photo and video: Vilnis Skuja