Lecture on historical cultural landscape of Slītere National Park will take place during Pan-European Green Belt conference


 Foto no grāmatas "Lībieši Ziemeļkurzemes ainavā". Lībiešu zvejas laiva, 30.gadi. No NMV fotoarhīva.In May the 16th in Berlin 7th Pan-European Green Belt conference will take place. Slītere National Park will be represented by Dace Sāmīte directress of Kurzeme regional administration of Nature Conservation Agency. She will tell the audience of the conference about the Livonian fisherman village historical cultural landscape in Slītere National Park and all Northern Kurzeme coast from Ventspils till Ģipka.

Livonian fisherman villages with the cultural heritage – architecture, yard layout and someplace living fisherman lifestyle in European level is a unique heritage.

European Green Belt initiative unites European countries that border with former line of Iron Curtain that during the Cold war separated Eastern Europe from Western Europe. The goal is to preserve and protect nature and culture heritage at both sides of the Belt, as the heritage there has remained less impoverish than in other places in Europe where economic activity was not restricted by military zone.